AMA ATVMX National Champion 

Chris Furches #47

About Me

Allow me to introduce myself...


My name is Chris. I’m your typical 19-year-old…a 2018 high school graduate, who enjoys listening to music, watching YouTube videos, being hanging out with my girlfriend, looking at cars, riding my pit bike, and my favorite thing is racing ATV Motocross. 

So, what’s the reason for all this you may ask? I have a form of Autism called Asperger’s and I race ATV Motocross. I’ve made great strides in life thanks to several factors including support from my family especially my parents who never stopped seeking answers, programs, doctors, therapies, and allowing me to try new things giving me every opportunity to find my niche. Yet the greatest impact in my life has been the therapeutic value of racing my ATV. 

I’ve met incredible people, gotten to visit incredible places, experienced incredible things, along with conquering incredible challenges all because of the sport of ATV Motocross. 

Racing is a part of me and I’m extremely fortunate to have won 9 championships including being the first autistic person to win an ATVMX National Championship. All my wins were earned as there are no head starts or rule changes because of having autism. I’ve worked hard, overcame many obstacles, pushed myself outside of my comfort zone to achieve my accomplishments and my level of racing. The sport of ATV Motocross has improved my life in multiple ways from dealing with anxiety to improving my eating and sleeping habits. Even as I approach 10 years of racing ATV Motocross it continues to be therapeutic. 

Another important element to my success has been the support from my generous sponsors. My family and I are extremely grateful to my current and those who have supported me in the past.

I truly hope my story will inspire others especially those facing Autism diagnosis’s and/or other mental challenges. 

You can read my full story including my diagnosis, racing, and more on the “My Journey” tab above. 

2018 Racing Accomplishments


  • 2018 THOR MEGA Series ATV Novice Champion
  • 31st annual SUZUKI TOP GUN Showdown ATV Novice Champion
  • (7) First place overall wins THOR MEGA Series ATV Novice
  • Podiumed in every THOR MEGA Series race

Race Quad


My race quad is a 2005 Honda TRX 450R with a Janssen Motorsports built motor and upgrades from these great companies: RATH Racing, Walsh, ELKA Stage 5 shocks done by Blommel Motorsports, CST Tires GoldSpeed wheels, Fasst Company, Powermadd, Torc1Racing, DP Brakes, RK Racing Chains, Vertex Pistons, Pivot Works, All Balls Racing, JSR Moto Designs, SSI Decals, Pit Posse, Hinson Racing, Pit Posse, Urmosi, FourWerx, Jim's Motorcycle Sales of Johnson City, DASA, Durablue, and No Toil Industries.